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Exceptional Jewelry Services

Discover a world of bespoke elegance at Thurber's Jewelers. From custom designs and repairs to diamond buying and appraisals, our expert artisans ensure each piece embodies craftsmanship and quality. Explore our services and let us bring your jewelry dreams to life.

Cleaning and Inspection

At Thurber's Jewelers, we believe in preserving the brilliance of your cherished pieces. Our meticulous cleaning and inspection service goes beyond the surface, ensuring every facet gleams with renewed radiance. Trust in our expertise to breathe life back into your jewelry, offering a comprehensive and thorough rejuvenation that leaves your treasures sparkling as if new.

Custom Designs

Elevate your style with our personalized touch at Thurber's Jewelers. Our passion lies in crafting unique stories through our custom design service. Collaborate with our skilled artisans and let us bring your vision to life in a bespoke masterpiece. From conceptualization to creation, we pride ourselves on turning your dreams into tangible expressions of individuality and style.

Gold and Diamond Buying

At Thurber's Jewelers, integrity is the cornerstone of our gold and diamond buying service. Entrust us with your valuables and experience a transparent and fair evaluation process. Our commitment to honest transactions ensures that you receive the true worth of your treasures. Discover a partnership built on trust as we navigate the sale of your gold and diamonds with professionalism and respect.

Jewelry Appraisals

Your treasures are invaluable, and our jewelry appraisal service is a testament to that understanding. With precision and expertise, we provide thorough assessments, ensuring that each piece is accurately valued. Rely on our commitment to detail and accuracy as we appraise your jewelry, providing you with the information you need to safeguard your cherished investments.

Jewelry and Watch Repairs

At Thurber's Jewelers, we recognize the sentimental value of your jewelry and watches. Our skilled artisans take pride in offering a comprehensive repair service. From intricate jewelry restorations to precise watch repairs, we delicately handle every detail, ensuring that your beloved pieces are restored to their original glory. Trust in our expertise for meticulous and reliable jewelry and watch repair solutions.

Pearl and Bead Restringing

Experience the delicate artistry of Thurber's Jewelers with our pearl and bead restringing service. Entrust us with your pearls and beads, and our skilled craftsmen will carefully re-string each piece, preserving their timeless elegance. We approach each restringing with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that your strands are secure and beautifully presented.

Rhodium Plating

Enhance the allure of your white gold jewelry with our rhodium plating service at Thurber's Jewelers. We take pride in revitalizing your pieces, providing a brilliant and durable finish. Our meticulous approach to rhodium plating ensures a flawless, lustrous surface that complements and protects your cherished white gold jewelry for years to come.

Tip and Prong Repair

At Thurber's Jewelers, we understand the importance of secure settings for your precious stones. Our tip-and-prong repair service is dedicated to ensuring the longevity and stability of your jewelry. With precision and expertise, we delicately mend and reinforce tips and prongs, guaranteeing that your stones remain securely in place, preserving the beauty and integrity of your pieces.

Watch Battery Replacement

Keep time ticking seamlessly with Thurber's Jewelers' watch battery replacement service. We understand the significance of a reliable timepiece, and our expert technicians ensure that your watch continues to function precisely. Trust in our efficient and dependable service as we skillfully replace watch batteries, allowing you to enjoy your timepieces worry-free.


At Thurber's Jewelers, we understand purchasing fine jewelry often represents a significant investment for our customers. That's why we proudly offer convenient financing to make the beautiful pieces in our collection more accessible. Special financing deals are also available. Enjoy the flexibility of buying today and stretching out your payments over time. Visit the store to apply and learn more about our financing options or send us a message! 

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